Raman questions BCCI selectors’ decision to omit Sarfaraz Khan


India’s upcoming tour of the West Indies is set to feature a multi-format series, commencing on July 12. The series includes two Test matches, three ODIs, and five T20Is. However, Sarfaraz Khan, despite his strong performance in the Ranji Trophy, has been left out of the Test and ODI squads, leading to disappointment among fans. Furthermore, WV Raman, a former Indian cricketer, has now provided insights into the selectors’ decision-making process behind Sarfaraz’s exclusion.

“There were some views expressed supposedly by the selection committee with regards to his (Sarfaraz’s) non-inclusion. One of them seems to be that he needs to improve his ability to play against fast bowling and the other thing seems to be that he needs to improve on his fitness and fielding as well,”

WV Raman said.

“Somebody can turn around and ask me, what is it that they are trying to convey and do they think they are gods. No, they are not gods. They are not trying to really find faults with Sarfaraz Khan,”

he further added.

These kind of judgemental calls are the norm in selection committee meetings: Raman

“They not only see the numbers that a cricketer has put up, they also try to discuss the various things that they might have detected in a cricketer’s framework of technique or his attitude,”

Raman further stated.

“That’s exactly what this committee has done. They feel that Sarfaraz Khan may perhaps not be up to it when it comes to facing international fast bowlers. These kind of judgemental calls are the norm in selection committee meetings. This has been done before, this committee has done it and it will also be done in the future,”

he concluded.

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