Ramiz Raja to start a junior level version of the Pakistan Super League

Photo Credits: ICC aTwitter

Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ramiz Raja has planned to start a new league on the concept of the Pakistan Super League.

It will be titled as Pakistan Junior League and will be especially for U19 players.

It will have the best of both Pakistan and international stars from all over the world.

Raja feels that this will be the perfect opportunity to hone young and talented players from Pakistan.

He also mentioned that each team will have mentors of world-class experience much like Viv Richards.

This tournament will be a five-team affair and Ramiz Raja plans to launch it in October this year.

The tournament will take place for 15 days.

The league will also have a draft system that will ensure high earnings for all the players.

The idea has been proposed to the ICC as well and they have shown an interest in the formation of this league.

Although the BCCI’s policy is not to hold T20 cricket as per age groups, Raja does not see any sort of weirdness in the concept.

He said that this exposure will be a great one for the youngsters at the junior level and this competitive spirit will help them when they graduate to senior level cricket.

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