Ranji Trophy: BCCI lays out guidelines for domestic tournament

Ranji Trophy
Photo Credits: BCCI Twitter

The COVID-19 pandemic affected domestic cricket tournaments in India for two years.

This led to the loss of practice for players and they sat at home.

Now, after a hiatus of two years, BCCI has decided to organize the Ranji Trophy tournament despite the fear of coronavirus in the country.

The apex body, however, has taken all safety precautions and has even laid down some guidelines for the same.

The requirement set by the BCCI is a minimum of 9 players on each team.

If the player shows signs of mild symptoms of the disease, then he can be replaced by another.

Star Sports will broadcast the matches live and fans of the domestic tournament can enjoy it there.

Thus, with the replacement rule available to all teams, the tournament can go on unhindered.

The BCCI is ensuring that the tournament goes on smoothly without any hiccups.

The domestic tournament has started today and all the teams are performing brilliantly.

If on the other hand, a team is not in a position to field even 9 players, then there are separate rules laid down by the BCCI for the same.

For the league stage, points will be awarded to teams based on the points table.

However, for knockout stages, the teams will advance based on either a higher run quotient or just the spin of a coin.

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