Ravi Shastri backs Mankad method

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While India women’s allrounder Deepti Sharma continues to garner headlines, the Mankad debate is not coming to an end.

Many current players and former players are keeping their opinions on the table for everyone to read and understand whether this method is correct or not.

Current players like England’s Jos Buttler and Australian skipper, Aaron Finch have deemed the method unlawful, former cricketers, like Ravi Shastri, feel that it is the correct law.

Even Ben Stokes, England’s Test captain is not in favour to use this method to dismiss batsmen.

But, Shastri is not seeing anything wrong in this method and instead has turned the whole blame on the batters for leaving the crease too early.

Shastri is backing the law and says that the bowler has full rights to remove the bails.

Says Shastri,

My thoughts are very clear. It’s a law. I know that the rule of ‘Mankad’ or ‘Mankading’ was there a long time and a lot of players are still trying to come to terms with that new law, whether they should just be taking off the bails but as a coach, I would tell my players ‘Just go out and do it’. It’s a law. You’re not cheating, you’re not doing anything that is not part of the game. Batsman should know his business.

The former India head coach feels that this episode has been blown out of proportion.

There is outrage but it’s because that law did not exist earlier. It’s like me telling a fielder, ‘You dropped me once. Second time you can catch it.’ If it’s a law that says it is cheating. It is cheating because if you’re going out of crease, you are trying to steal an advantage over the opposition and the bowler. So you jolly well, hold your ground.

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