Ravi Shastri complains about external interference in team selection


On November 14, 2021, Ravi Shastri resigned as the coach of the Indian team on the day the T20 World Cup ended. After that, after 531 long days, he opened his mouth again with the party. Shastri claims that when he was a coach, many outsiders used to turn their noses at team selection.

In an interview given to the broadcasting channel, Shastri said,

“In my playing life, I never went near a team selection meeting. But after becoming a coach, the picture changed. I used to have an opinion on party selection then. We also had to know the opinion of the selectors. So the party had to stay in the election. But I did not expect to see such an incident.”

Ravi Shastri clearly says that external influence is against laws

Shastri claimed that. He said,

“I had no idea about such a meeting. But I used to see in the meeting that many people from outside were there. They had no right to speak there. They still talked after that. Tried to influence. It is against the constitution of BCCI.”

But Shastri said something about who would do that. He did not name anyone.

A few days ago, the Indian team for the World Test Championship was announced. Ajinkya Rahane got a chance. The national selectors spoke to Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni before taking him to the team. If that is also against the constitution! What did the former coach of India want to indicate by talking about team selection at this time?

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