Ricky Ponting feels that Rajasthan Royals can lift the trophy this year

Ricky Ponting

Delhi Capitals’ head coach, Ricky Ponting has recently given his verdict on who can lift the IPL trophy this year.

Particularly, he is very impressed with how the Rajasthan Royals have shaped up their squad for this season and feels that they are strong contenders.

On the other hand, Ponting is also of the opinion that Gujarat Titans will retain the trophy this season.

Last year, these two teams were the finalists of the IPL.

However, Ponting has also stated that it is quite difficult who will win the tournament as it is very unpredictable but has favored Rajasthan Royals to win this year.

It’s a tough question…as very rarely does a team dominate the IPL from the start to the finish. Obviously, Gujarat (Titans) last year were amazing, a brand new team and were able to win the tournament. The other finalist last year, Rajasthan Royals, I think have got a really, really good squad. And we said that last year, immediately after the auction, we were pretty impressed with what they were able to do and put a good squad together.

Adding further, Ponting says,

They’ve only built on that again this year. I think Rajasthan will be there, thereabouts. It’s a hard game to judge and a hard game to understand who’s going to win. Who stands up in the moment will generally win more often than not. But if I’m looking at the squads, Rajasthan has got a good squad as anybody.

Ponting gives his opinions on the Impact Player rule

Meanwhile, Ponting has also given his opinions on the newly-launched Impact Player rule. He has stated that it’s a nice invention and will allow them to do some more work when the games start.

Let’s wait and see. It’s a nice innovation and it’s definitely going to give a lot more work to the coaches once the games starts. I mean, normally as a coach, once the game is started, there’s not much you can do to influence the outcome of the game. But with this. I think there are some significant ways that you can tactically influence the game.

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