Rinku Singh credits his innings to people who have supported him

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Kolkata Knight Riders’ star against Gujarat Titans, Rinku Singh has credited his innings to people who have been supportive of him.

It was a thrilling last over in the Gujarat Titans vs Kolkata Knight Riders game on Sunday where Rinku hit five sixes to take his team home.

Therefore, this inning of his will now be remembered by fans for a long time to come.

But, when we look at Rinku’s cricketing journey, then we come to know that he was initially offered the job of a sweeper which he rejected.

That’s because he wanted to focus solely on his cricketing career. That’s when the IPL franchise, Kolkata Knight Riders supported him for five years and also took care of him during his bad days and injuries.

Moreover, Rinku has stated that these five sixes are for those people who have been quite supportive of him during these five years and sacrificed so much for him.

My father struggled a lot, I come from a farmer’s family. Every ball that I hit out of the ground was dedicated to the people who sacrificed so much for me.

Adding further, he said,

(I) had the belief that I could do it. Last year I was in a similar situation in Lucknow. Had the belief back then too. Didn’t think too much out there. Those shots just happened one after the other. That last one was back of the hand, and I struck it off the back foot.

Nitish Rana also gives credit to Rinku Singh for giving KKR two points

On the other hand, skipper Nitish Rana was also happy with Rinku’s performance and credited him for giving KKR two precious points.

Additionally, he also mentioned that this game will forever be remembered for Rinku’s superb innings.

Rinku did something like this last year, although we didn’t win that match. When the second six was struck, we started believing more because Yash Dayal wasn’t executing that well. Credit goes to Rinku Singh. The two points we have from this game are thanks to him.

Adding further, Rana said,

This match will be remembered for the Lord Rinku show. Everyone (would have) ruled us out for the last two overs but to comeback from there and win is something that I know will not happen everyday. We are going to cherish this game for a very long time.

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