Rinku Singh’s Simple and Placid Mindset Impresses Tom Moody

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Kolkata Knight Riders’ middle-order batsman Rinku Singh has been in outstanding form in IPL 2023, accumulating 474 runs in 14 matches. As the leading run-scorer for his team, he has gained the support of former Indian cricketers like Harbhajan Singh and Ravi Shastri, who believe he deserves a spot in the national team. Tom Moody, the former Australian player, praises Rinku for his composure under pressure and believes he has the temperament to win matches independently. Moody even suggests considering him for the upcoming ODI World Cup under Rohit Sharma’s captaincy.

“We definitely know now that he’s the finisher India should consider going forward into World Cups. He’s shown enormous temperament, skill and consistency with the bat. Without a doubt, because he’s got the game, he’s got a strong foundation to his name. He averages nearly 60 in first-class cricket. He hasn’t just sort of been plucked out of nowhere as a really good ball striker without any pedigree. One of the most impressive things is his temperament, and the best finishers generally have really calculated minds but also very calm minds under pressure, and he seems to have that,”

Moody said.

Rinku has temperament like Hussey

According to Tom Moody, Rinku Singh possesses the same temperament as renowned cricketers Michael Bevan and Michael Hussey. Moody draws a comparison between Rinku and these legends, emphasizing that the 25-year-old has the ability to calmly finish games, showcasing his composure and skill.

“Look, I don’t know him personally, I’ve never worked with him, but just as an observer and a fan, I look at it and think this guy’s composed. He’s in control. And I’ve seen that before in players historically like Michael Bevan, who I’ve played quite a bit of cricket with. In 50-over cricket, he had that trait of just you’re thinking the games getting away from him. But he’s got it absolutely under control. Mike Hussey of more recent than Michael Bevan. They seem to just understand how to finish a game in a very calm and composed way,”

Moody further added.

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