Rishabh Pant shares Positive Update about his Recovery


In December last year, Rishabh Pant survived a terrible car crash. His car caught fire after colliding with a divider between Manglaur and Narsan in the Haridwar district while he was traveling from Delhi to his house in Roorkee.

Recently, the 25-year-old shared a positive update on his recovery and requested his fans to continue supporting him. Pant also mentioned that the accident gave him a new outlook on life. Despite missing cricket, he hopes to return to the field soon.


In an interview with IANS, Pant revealed:

“I am much better now and making some good progress with my recovery. Hopefully, with the grace of God, and the support of the medical team, I will be fully fit very soon.”

Pant also talked about how he has got a new perspective on life. He also shared about how little things give him a lot of joy now.

“It is hard for me to say if everything around me has become more positive or even negative. However, I’ve gained a fresh perspective on how I view my life now. Something I value today is enjoying my life to the fullest and this includes the smallest of things that we ignore in our daily routine. Everyone today is hustling and working extremely hard to achieve something special, but we’ve forgotten to enjoy the little things which give us joy every single day.”

Furthermore, Pant shed more light on his recovery. He shared that he undergoes several physiotherapy sessions to aid in his healing process. Despite experiencing pain, he persists and pushes himself towards recovery.

“I try to follow my daily routine as per schedule. I wake up in the morning and then I undergo my first physiotherapy session of the day with my physiotherapist. Post that, I take some rest and time to refresh myself for the second session. I start my second session soon after, and train according to how much pain I can endure, especially after a tough first session. To end the day, I have a third session of physiotherapy in the evening, however, I do have my daily fruits and fluids in between them. I also try to sit under the sun for some time, and this process will continue until I’m able to walk properly again,”

Pant further added.

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