Rohit Sharma getting slammed for wasting reviews during Test series

India skipper, Rohit Sharma is getting criticized by fans and pundits for a very serious issue.

In the third Test at Indore, Rohit wasted all three reviews during Australia’s first innings in an attempt to dismiss them quickly.

Additionally, all three went down the drain as none of them were right on target, and India saw itself as having no further reviews.

Even those decisions which were clearly not outs were taken upstairs for no reason to be ultimately judged once again as not out.

But, during India’s second innings, Rohit made the worst mistake of all in the DRS system.

When batting in the second innings, Nathan Lyon who had already dismissed Gill on LBW did the same to Sharma.

The ball had clearly hit the pads and was a plumb delivery and umpire Joel Wilson had even raised his finger to send Sharma back to the pavilion for 12 runs.

However, Rohit decided to review it nevertheless even though he knew the decision would not come out to be positive.

Eventually, the ball-tracking system showed three reds that signaled Rohit to leave the field.

This is now the first time that India has lost all three reviews when fielding for the first time in Tests.

Now, the fourth review was wasted in just 24 hours’ time by Sharma after which comments and criticisms came banging through the door.

Fans and pundits took to the micro-blogging site Twitter to call Rohit names and criticize him for making poor judgments.

Some have even called him ‘India’s Shane Watson’.

Fans and pundits roundly slam Rohit for wasting reviews

Some of the Twitter reactions are as follows-

Rohit is the Shane Watson of India. That was a shocking review to go with the three he burned while fielding. #INDvAUS

As the only century-maker in the series I suppose Rohit was worth a review, but still, hitting middle of middle. Surprised it took Joel Wilson so long to give it out #INDvAUS

How can you review that? Could not have been more plumb. #INDvAUS

Rohit Sharma successfully wasted fourth DRS of Indore Test. Who Takes a review on Plumb man! #RohitSharma #IndvsAus

Captain’s pick review. #INDvAUS

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