Rohit Sharma irritated after answering questions on Kohli’s form


In recent times, the Indian team has seen a lot of ups and downs in their cricketing journey along with skipper Rohit Sharma.

Moreover, the thing that has pinched them the most is the lean patch and form slump of star batter, Virat Kohli.

Kohli has been struggling to get a century in the past five years but now his drought is over, thanks to his recent Test ton against the West Indies.

Naturally, this improvement in form has caught the eye of reporters and media persons alike and they have repeatedly asked skipper, Rohit Sharma for an explanation.

Quite frankly, Rohit has answered this question multiple times now and says that those who talk on the outside don’t know the conditions in the dressing room.

Recently, Rohit was quite annoyed when he was once again asked the question about Kohli’s form improvement in the recent Test series.

Says Rohit,

I have answered this question multiple times. The outside noise, who has scored how much, taken how many wickets, or hasn’t taken… People sitting outside, when they talk, they don’t know what is happening inside.

Rohit wants to keep dressing room discussions inside only

Additionally, Rohit is also of the opinion that dressing room talks should be strictly kept inside closed doors.

Inside talks remain inside and we want it to stay inside only. We don’t look into all those things. For us, it is important how we win a win or a series. Our focus is on that instead of who is talking what. This is something that I have said a number of times and in future as well I will say this only.

While Kohli has certainly improved his form in cricket and against West Indies, he was looking in good form.

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