Rohit Sharma Opens Up About 2011 World Cup Snub

Indian skipper Rohit Sharma has made a startling revelation about his career ahead of the Eliminator clash between Mumbai Indians and Lucknow Super Giants in IPL 2023. He disclosed that he refrained from watching numerous matches of the 2011 World Cup due to the immense disappointment he felt after being excluded from the Indian squad.

The Indian team, led by MS Dhoni, triumphed by securing their second 50-over World Cup title after a lengthy gap of 28 years. However, Rohit Sharma, the influential opener, found himself left out of the squad for the prestigious ICC event. In a recent interview with JioCinema, the Mumbai Indians skipper unveiled the profound impact this exclusion had on his career. He expressed how devastated he was, emphasizing that the disappointment was so overwhelming that he chose not to witness many matches of the tournament.

I realised I need to improve: Rohit

Rohit said:

“2011 was a big setback year for me, not being part of the World Cup team, I have no one to blame but myself. I worked on my game. Yoga, meditation and living alone helped me a lot. I realized something has to change, knew my life was on edge and that if I did not improve, I would not be able to play cricket again. So, I made a lot of changes to myself between 2014-15, because I knew I would have nowhere to go otherwise.”

“I had to think about how I could help my team, and take myself to another level. I found the answers to them myself. Honestly, I did not watch the World Cup itself except for the semis and the finals because I was so disappointed that I did not want to watch. Every time I put the TV on I felt that I could have been there, what went wrong and stuff like that,”

Rohit further added.

After the crushing disappointment of exclusion, the talented opener staged an impressive comeback and left a lasting impact during India’s victorious 2013 Champion Trophy campaign. Over the past decade, he has become a crucial member of the national team, particularly in significant ICC tournaments.

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