Royal Challengers Bangalore declared Smriti Mandhana as their Captain


When Smriti Mandhana was bought by Royal Challengers Bangalore for the highest amount in the women’s IPL auction, it was understood that she would also captain the team. That’s it. RCB announced Mandhana as the captain of the team. However, the franchise showed some variation in that too. Virat Kohli announced Smriti’s name. One 18 gave the lead and another 18.

RCB released a video. Virat announced Smriti’s name there. He said,

“Leading RCB over the last 10 years has been a very enjoyable and a memorable phase 9f my career. A captain isn’t just the leader of the group. He is someone who creates the culture and carries the legacy forward by earning the respect of everyone around him. Faf did a tremendous job last year leading the side and helping each and every individual around him to grow and exel under his leadership. I thoroughly enjoyed playing under him.”

Royal Challengers Bangalore in praise of Mandhana

Virat then announced the captaincy of the women’s team. He said,

“Now its time for another number 18 to lead a very special RCB team in the Women’s Premeir League. Yes! We are talking about Smriti Mandhana. Go well, Smriti!” https://youtu.be/NCv6_nVJSGg

Along with Virat, the current captain Faf du Plessi also spoke in the video. He also welcomed Mandhana as the new captain. He hopes RCB will play well in the women’s IPL.

Mandhana was bought by RCB in the auction for 3 crore 40 lakh rupees. They jumped for Mandhana as planned. They had planned to go to the end to take Mandhana into the team. Because, Mandhana can lead alongside an aggressive opening batsman. She has been successful at the highest level of women’s cricket. RCB Director of Cricket Operations Mike Hessen agreed. He said, “Mandhana is a great batter. Can also lead well. We planned to build the team with him as the captain.

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