Saba Karim lauds Kishan and says that India trusts him a lot

Ishan Kishan

Former India player and selector, Saba Karim has greatly lauded Ishan Kishan’s performance in the recent Test series against the West Indies.

Furthermore, he also feels that Kishan is always on the lookout to improve himself in the game.

Additionally, Karim has also talked about the pressure that Kishan was under as he replaced Rishabh Pant for this series.

Previously, KS Bharat was seen struggling in Australian conditions but Kishan was ready for the challenge and he delivered.

Says Karim,

To come in as a replacement to Rishabh Pant is a big ask.

Moreover, he has also highlighted the fact that Kishan is very clear in his roles in Test cricket.

I think Kishan, when he was picked, he realised very well that he needs to be behind the stump and also score runs with the willow. I think in both these aspects [he has] done quite well and there is a constant improvement.

During the second Test, when India was five wickets down, Kishan’s 53 off 34 balls set things up.

Additionally, Kishan’s ability to score runs in a quick manner has proved that he can be a crucial player.

Karim says that Kishan has overcome his challenges and is awaiting future opportunities

But, it wasn’t an easy journey for Ishan Kishan during his debut Test. His ball collection was poor but he practiced the skill well and the improvement was visible in the 2nd Test.

We saw that in the first Test match at times, it seemed that he was not able to collect the balls properly, especially against R Ashwin and Jadeja. He has done a lot of homework and he has come back in a much stronger way in the second Test match.

Concluding, he says,

Plus to see him being promoted, given that responsibility and again to see him back with so much freedom goes to show that in this WTC cycle, Rohit Sharma and company have decided to go ahead with Ishan Kishan because he can provide them with those kind of runs in a brisk manner.

Meanwhile, Kishan has impressed one and all in his debut Test series.

But, it still remains to be seen how he performs in the future for India.

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