Sachin Tendulkar has high hopes for the future of WPL

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Fans worldwide are tuning in to watch the inaugural edition of the Women’s Premier League, a T20 cricket competition in India that has seen several female cricketers stand out with their impressive performances. Sachin Tendulkar, one of the greatest cricket players of all time, has praised the tournament’s high-quality fielding.

The Women’s Premier League is being played across three venues in Maharashtra and has attracted fans of all ages. Tendulkar commended the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for launching the tournament. Furthermore, he encouraged fans to support women’s cricket as the players are doing an outstanding job.


“Fantastic; first of all, a big-big congratulations to BCCI because this is a great initiative. As I said, the first innings were played well by BCCI, and now second innings, we have to support women cricketers. I think they’re doing a magnificent job,”

Tendulkar said.

In regards to the Women’s Premier League, Tendulkar expressed that the competition marks the start of a significant development in Indian and international cricket.

Sachin further added:

“I’m really, really impressed by the fielding standards, their athleticism; it has just blown my mind; it’s incredible. It’s fast, exciting, and good cricket should always be encouraged. They’re fiercely competitive; it’s just the beginning. I really want to congratulate all the teams and women cricketers who’ve turned up here. This is the beginning of something big, not just for India but cricket.”

Sachin Tendulkar expressed his opinion regarding the Women’s Premier League’s rule of having an additional fielder inside the 30-yard-circle. He said that he would’ve opted for five fielders outside the ring instead of four after the powerplay to balance the competition between bat and ball. Hence, Tendulkar emphasized the importance of maintaining the balance between both the teams during the match.

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