Sachin Tendulkar suggests a new way to make ODI cricket interesting

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After the T20 leagues happened worldwide, test cricket has its value. The One Day International has lost its interest from the fans. Many fans felt it boring after watching a lot of T20 matches. The God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar suggests new ways to make this interesting again. He tells us to have equal competition between bat and ball. Many cricketers also seem to be uninterested in playing this game format. Even the England’s star allrounder Ben Stokes retired from ODI cricket to focus on other to formats. However, he is the captain of England’s test team.

Sachin Tendulkar on ODI

“With two new balls, even in the 25th over, the ball is literally 12 or 13 overs old. There is no such thing as reverse swing or the discolouration of the ball, or the ball becoming soft. These factors really put a lot of pressure on the bowling side. There were challenges [for batters] where one did not pick the ball because of the discolouration. That was an advantage for a bowler,”

Sachin Tendulkar further added that

“Also, with the introduction of five fielders in the ring… I was speaking to a lot of spinners and the overall opinion is that ‘we cannot change our line’. If an offspinner is bowling, he is forced to bowl a middle-stump line. Because you either have to have your deep point in the ring or you need to bring in the long-off because on the on side, you have three fielders in the deep and here you can have only one fielder in the deep,” 

“The solution for that, I had spoken some time ago, is to have a 25-25 overs match. It is a 50-over match, but you bat for 25 overs, then the other team comes and bats for 25 overs, and you start again from where you stopped after the first 25 overs,” he added.

“The only reason I am trying to say this is because a small coin can decide the fate of the game. It is no more a competition between two sides. One side is favoured by conditions because the captain has won the toss. So, it’s not a fair competition between two sides,” said Sachin Tendulkar

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