Sachin trapped Saqlain Mustaq in words. The later revealed after 27 years

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Sachin Tendulkar vs Saqlain Mustaq is one of the most notable duels in the history of cricket. These two cricketers from India and Pakistan used to try to outdo each other. Sachin struggled against Saqlain’s off-spin, Dusra. However, Sachin did not trap Saqlain with a bat, but with a net of words. The former spinner of Pakistan said that after so long.

Saqlain told the incident of 27 years ago when he came to an event. The story of how Sachin made a fool of him in the Sahara Cup in Canada in 1996 came up in Saqlain’s mouth. He said,

“I had just returned from playing county cricket. I lived in my own world. I thought I would beat Sachin before the hand was set. So I went and sled him.

Saqlain was not ready for what Sachin did in response. He said,

“Sachin came forward and told me, ‘I did not expect such a thing from you. I knew you had a beautiful heart. I didn’t think you would do this.

The words from Sachin words confused Saqlain. He began to think that he had made a mistake by sledding Sachin. So he was a bit depressed. Sachin took advantage of that. Saqlain then scored a lot of runs in the next few overs.

I felt like Sachin was slapping me on the cheek: Saqlain

Saqlain however understood Sachin’s tricks after the game. He said,

“Before I knew anything, Sachin’s hand was set. He was hitting my ball one big shot after another, and I felt like someone was slapping me on the cheek. Sachin caught me in the net of words. I couldn’t catch it.”

Saqlain went to Sachin after the game and said that. However, Sachin did not say anything in response. He smiled. Even after 27 years, that memory is still fresh for the former puck spinner. He still could not forget Sachin’s words.

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