Salman Butt lashes out at Jay Shah for not allowing India to tour Pakistan

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Recently, BCCI Secretary Jay Shah remarked that India will not tour Pakistan for next year’s Asia Cup.

Additionally, he also said that the 50-over tournament will be held at a neutral venue next year over which Pakistan is showing displeasure.

As Shah is the President of the Asian Cricket Council, he is trying his best to not let any political tensions rise between the two nations.

Many former Pakistani cricketers are angry over Shah for making such a decision. One of them is former Pakistan skipper Salman Butt.

On his YouTube channel, Butt slammed Shah for not allowing India to tour Pakistan.

He has further stated that Pakistan is not to tour India for next year’s World Cup.

In a strongly-worded letter, the PCB has clearly stated to the BCCI that if India does not tour Pakistan, then it can ‘impact’ their participation in next year’s ICC World Cup.

Looking at the Future Tours Programme, then Pakistan is the host of the Asia Cup 2023 and Champions Trophy 2025.

Says Butt,

Firstly tell me, does ICC even exist? Is it neutral? Is there no influence there?

Adding further, he said,

You see their muscle on things like these. Those who bring revenue have more power. It happens everywhere. When Jay Shah presided the ICC meeting, it was decided that Pakistan will host Asia Cup. What he said then, is something only those who can attend the meeting can tell.

Butt has urged the PCB to take a strong stand against Shah and refuse to participate in next year’s World Cup.

It was expected that India would say no. The solution to it should’ve been decided earlier. This happens everytime. The focus should be on the cricket so that fans and cricketers don’t get affected. If there are political tensions, both teams should avoid touring one another. It shouldn’t be that Pakistan tour India, but the latter doesn’t come to Pakistan. PCB should show some strength, this is their chance.

The Asia Cup now stands in a jeopardy once again. Both the BCCI and PCB should work together to bring out a solution soon.

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