Salman Butt slams PCB for appointing an ‘online coach’

Salman Butt

The internet was amazed when they heard that the Pakistan Cricket team is appointing Mickey Arther as the coach of the national team. The reason behind the amusement was that Mickey will likely be appointed as a coach but as an “online coach”. Former Pakistan Cricketer Salman Butt slammed the Pakistan Cricket Board for appointing him as an online coach. 

Salman Butt could not believe the news and said that it cannot be true. He could not digest the fact of “online coaching”.

Salman Butt could not believe the news

“The PCB is not so helpless that it has to look for online coaches. This can’t be true. As per my understanding, he [Mickey Arthur] could come in as a consultant or conduct a couple of sessions with the team. Having an online coach or team director is beyond me. The PCB will have to first clarify if it is an online coaching or an online team director role. When you are the head of any organization or leading it, you ought to go deep,” Butt said.

Salman Butt said that this makes him think of the pre-covid times and compared online coaching to a work-from-home thing. He also said that online coaching is practically impossible. 

“It makes me think of the COVID-19 times, because of the work-from-home thing. Coaching from home is practically not possible. It’s an international sport that is very competitive. There are a lot of complexities involved, and you need to be present, and also has to be certain communication, which is not possible in this [Mickey Arthur] case,” Butt added.

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