Sanjay Bangar not sure of Shubman Gill’s position for World Cup

Shubman Gill - Kolkata Knight Riders - KKR

India’s wonderboy Shubman Gill has certainly grabbed the eyeballs of fans all over India.

He is now the youngest double centurion as he smashed 208 against New Zealand in the first ODI that India won by 12 runs.

On the other hand, Gill has sparked some debates as well because former India batting coach, Sanjay Bangar has some concerns.

According to Bangar, he is still not sure whether Gill has cemented his place in the Indian squad for sure.

He feels that India will have to figure out between three openers in Rohit Sharma, Shubman Gill, and Ishan Kishan.

The Men in Blue still have 20 ODIs to go before the commencement of the 50-over World Cup.

So, they will have to pick out the best opening pair that will give them a great start in the tournament.

Says Bangar,

I am not so sure as yet because obviously there is one batter (Ishan Kishan) who is a left-hander who has also done that feat not too long ago. Again very similar in the age group category, he is 24 and Shubman is 23.

Additionally, Bangar has said that while it is good for India to have such a talented group of players, they still have to think about who will be the best opening pair.

A great thing for Indian cricket because what it does actually is that it sort of narrows down your choices to maybe possibly now that out of those three, two will certainly open for the Indian team in the 50-over World Cup.

Sanjay Manjrekar also joins the debate on Shubman Gill

Former India batter, Sanjay Manjrekar too joined in the debate surrounding Gill.

India has 20 ODIs to play along with the Indian Premier League and the performances of Shubman Gill and Ishan Kishan will be tested in this period.

I know where he (Bangar) is coming from because he is looking at finally the World Cup squad and there is a bit of time there. There is going to be an IPL before that, there are about 20 ODI matches before that, so who knows what can happen.

Adding further, Manjrekar says,

Ishan Kishan was dropped after a double hundred, so things can happen, but slightly more optimistic about Shubman Gill being the opener.

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