Sarandeep Singh weighs in on potential IPL retirement for MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni

Former India cricketer Sarandeep Singh recently shared his thoughts on the potential retirement of Dhoni from the cash-rich league. Singh believes that if Dhoni is fit, he can continue playing. However, he also stated that ultimately the decision lies with Dhoni himself. Singh acknowledged that Dhoni’s experience and leadership qualities are valuable assets to the Chennai Super Kings and the IPL as a whole. Overall, Singh’s opinion is that Dhoni should continue playing in the IPL as long as he is able to contribute positively to his team.

MS Dhoni’s return to the Chennai Super Kings for the 16th edition of the Indian Premier League has been a major source of excitement for fans. Despite retiring from international cricket in August 2020, there has been speculation about whether he will retire from the IPL as well. With Dhoni showcasing his impressive batting skills in the ongoing tournament, it seems likely that he could continue playing in the IPL beyond 2023.

Sarandeep said:

“If he is fit, he can play. But when we speak about MS Dhoni, it’s always his call. Because no one can tell better than him how he would be feeling or how will his body respond.”

“We have been seeing him for the last 15 years and this season as well. We saw him in the last game, against RCB, in the way he took those two catches. He ran from behind the wicket, called for the catch, and grabbed it. He simply takes the pressure on himself,”

he further added.

He’s one of the best we have ever had: Sarandeep

“He’s one of the best we have ever had. So, it totally depends on him; if he feels he can contribute It’s not just about playing but also about the contribution. You see the last game and the ones before. Whenever his team needs him, he comes and hits a few sixes or puts the score on the board. So, that’s a completely individual call for Dhoni,”

Sarandeep concluded.

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