Sarfaraz Khan is not disrespectful according to recent reports

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Young batter Sarfaraz Khan has sparked some more news recently regarding his disciplinary behavior.

Moreover, he is a very consistent performer and player when it comes to domestic cricket and has impressed everyone.

However, his selection in the national squad still remains a distant dream as the selectors continue to ignore him.

His recent rejection came just a few weeks back after BCCI announced the Test team against West Indies.

Therefore, the selectors have also received quite a lot of backlash from cricket experts and fans alike.

Furthermore, a BCCI source has revealed the reason for not selecting Sarfaraz Khan for the team.

It is because the youngster has some fitness and disciplinary issues which can bring down the reputation.

But, officials in Mumbai cricket have dismissed these claims and have stated them as non-valid.

Sarfaraz had pointed a finger to his Mumbai dressing room; Chandu Pandit treats him like a son

Recently, a new incident has resurfaced regarding Sarfaraz Khan in which it is said that he pointed a finger.

This gesture was done as a celebration of relief as Sarfaraz had relieved some of the team’s stress during that game after hitting a ton.

However, this gesture has been taken as a jibe by the BCCI and it did not go down well with the board.

Says a source from Mumbai Cricket,

Sarfaraz’s celebration during a Ranji match in Delhi was meant for his teammates and coach Amol Mazumdar, who had doffed his hat. The selector present was Salil Ankola and not Chetan Sharma. Sarfaraz took the team out of pressure situation and the celebration was one of relief.

In the report, it was also stated whether it is a wrong gesture to point a finger at your dressing room during an exalted celebration.

Is it even wrong to be exalted in your celebration and that too when you are pointing towards your dressing room.

Additionally, there is another incident that states that Madhya Pradesh coach Chandrakant Pandit was quite unhappy with Sarfaraz Khan’s attitude, but it also says that the former was quite friendly towards the youngster.

It even says that Chandu Pandit treats Sarfaraz like a son and will never be angry with him.

Chandu sir treats him like a son. He has always had good things to say about him and knows him since he was 14 years old. He would never be angry on Sarfaraz.

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