Sehwag credits Rahul Dravid’s coaching success to players’ performance

Rahul Dravid

Virender Sehwag has highlighted the significant role of India coach Rahul Dravid in the upcoming World Cup, where India faces a demanding schedule with matches spread across nine different venues. Dravid, who faced criticism after India’s loss in the World Test Championship 2023 Final, will have a crucial responsibility similar to what Gary Kirsten had during India’s World Cup triumph in 2011. Sehwag observed that Kirsten’s approach of allowing players to practice as per their preferences was noteworthy, and now Dravid’s task will involve determining optimal practice durations and necessary breaks for the players to enhance the team’s performance.

“During our time, Gary Kirsten allowed us to practice in the way we wanted. It is not necessary for Virender Sehwag to mimic Sachin Tendulkar’s batting style and face a large number of deliveries,”

Sehwag said.

“So to identify that, will be important for the Indian team management and their staff. So Rahul Dravid will have a big role in identifying these aspects like who should practice how much, who needs breaks and how I can get the best out of my players,”

Sehwag further added.

Sehwag stressed that players play a crucial role in shaping a coach’s reputation. He pointed out that India’s recent loss in the WTC Final received more focus than their previous final appearances. Sehwag argued that coaches’ destinies are determined by players, highlighting Kirsten’s success following India’s 2011 World Cup victory.

Greatness is not created by a coach: Sehwag

“Greatness is not created by a coach. As we saw with Gary Kirsten during the 2011 World Cup victory. It is the player who bestows brilliance on the coach. Kirsten has gone to many other countries and leagues but hasn’t won anything since. With the exception of the IPL with GT, where he also had Nehra with him.”

Viru said.

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