Shardul Thakur clears clouds on why he is not getting to bowl for KKR

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Why is Shardul Thakur not being given the ball despite keeping him in the first XI, this question toils the minds of many KKR lovers. The question arises as to how logical it is to play Shardul only as a batter. But the Indian bowler is not thinking about all this. He informed that he is not bowling because the team is not in ‘need’ of that.

In an interview given to the news agency, Shardul Thakur dismissed the worries about fitness. He said,

“We have many all-rounders in our team, like Russell, Narine. We can play eight bowlers at a time. This includes Nitish (Rana), who these days bowls one or two overs when required. So the team doesn’t need me that way.”

Shardul Thakur revealed his fitness issue for being absent in bowling in the first two matches

In the current IPL, Shardul has bowled only 89 balls in six matches. That is 14.5 overs. He got four wickets. He did not bowl even though he played in other two matches. The question arises whether the board has given him any direction to bowl less. However, Shardul himself did not speak about the preparations for the World Test Championship final and Duke’s ball.

About the two matches in which he did not bowl, Shardul said,

“I did not play in a few matches because I had a slight injury. I didn’t bowl because I wasn’t fully fit after coming back. Now I am fully fit. I will definitely try to play well if I get a chance to bowl.”

Shardul added,

“A lot also depends on the match situation. The captain will decide whether I will bowl or not. It will be whatever the team decides. I will not listen to anything other than that.”

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