Shashi Tharoor clarifies his remarks on the ‘Boycott’ campaign

India vs Sri Lanka

Shashi Tharoor has clarified his remark on the “Boycott” campaign. The boycott statement made was misinterpreted by the people and thus resulted in unnecessary controversy.

Shashi Tharoor said

“Boycotts are a democratic right, but they should target the person against whom the boycotters are protesting. I have nothing against those who were understandably outraged by the Minister’s callous comment that those who can’t afford to buy a ticket need not attend the match. The Sports Minister, who didn’t bother enough to even attend the match, doesn’t care if the gallery is full or empty. He was unaffected by the boycott. The protestors should have boycotted the Minister, not the game. The boycott only hurt the future prospects of cricket in Tvm,”

he said in a series of tweets clarifying his remark.

“If the low turnout yesterday is held against us by the BCCI, only sports fans will suffer,” he added.

What did the minister say?

“What is the need for reducing the tax? The argument is that the country is witnessing the phenomenon of a price rise, so the tax should be reduced. Those who are starving need not go to watch the match,”

the Minister had earlier said.

Shashi Tharoor felt that the minister could have avoided his statement and hence the public would not have boycotted the match. 

“I saw some campaigns on social media calling for a boycott of the match. It appears their campaign was effective. I think it was illogical to boycott it. I was fortunate to watch the match, so were those who came here,”

the Congress MP said.

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