Shastri advised Kohli; former head coach not happy with Kohli’s strike rate


Virat Kohli is scoring runs consistently in the IPL. However, there are questions about his strike rate. According to a group of cricket experts, Kohli’s innings does not reflect the real mood of T20 cricket despite scoring runs. Ravi Shastri, the former coach of the Indian team, advised Kohli about it.

Kohli was the captain when Shastri was the coach of the Indian team. The chemistry between the two is quite good. He saw Kohli very closely for a long time. Shastri also saw Kohli as a commentator before and after that. From that experience Shastri also feels rather advised, that Kohli should bat more aggressively.

Shastri says,

“Once you get the form, then there is no need to think about others. I just want to say this to Kohli. T20 cricket does not require a lot of batters. Once you get the form, try to keep it. No need to change batting style when runs are coming. Instead, try to be more aggressive.”

Shastri adviced Kohli to read Salt’s calm innings against RCB

Shastri cited Phil Salt’s innings against Royal Challengers Bangalore as an example. Shastri says,

“Salt is the best example. Despite being under pressure, he came out and played a great knock. Kohli too can think like him.”

Shastri admits there is always an eye on cricketers like Kohli. You have to play with that pressure. The former coach of the Indian team said,

“Cricketers like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Kohli know that the camera is always on them. This is natural in what they have achieved or where they have reached by playing cricket. They deserve it. So only in front of the camera can one attract attention.”

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