Shaw asserts his unwavering commitment to aggressive batting style

Chesteshwar Pujara - Prithvi Shaw

Prithvi Shaw, the young Indian batsman, is currently facing a tough phase in his career after showing initial promise. However, he remains determined to reclaim his place in the national team by relying on his aggressive batting style. Shaw, currently playing in the 2023 Duleep Trophy for West Zone, believes he can play smarter and maintain his aggressive approach. He recognizes that his aggressive style has shaped him as a player and intends to stick with it. Notably, West Zone has reached the Duleep Trophy final and will face South Zone on July 12.

“Personally, I feel I don’t have to change my game, but a little smarter than what I am. I can’t bat like Pujara sir bats or Pujara sir can’t bat like me. So, what I am trying to do are those things that have brought me here till, for example, the aggressive batting, I don’t like to change that,”

Shaw said.

Whichever game for me right now is as important as anything: Shaw

Shaw emphasized the significance of playing as many games as possible at this stage of his career to secure his return to the senior team. According to him, every game holds immense importance, whether it’s the Duleep Trophy or his Mumbai game. During tough periods, Shaw strives to learn and put in extra effort. While acknowledging the greater challenge he faces in limited-overs formats, he shared his tactics of distracting bowlers and manipulating them to bowl in his desired areas.

“It’s not that you can always be perfect but I try to work harder after these kinds of things happen (not getting runs). T20 is a bit more slashing, but a similar mindset. Not the similar way as in T20 with me when I am playing red ball cricket as well. What I should try is to play with bowlers, distract them, and force them to give the ball that you want and not the ball that they want to bowl,”

Shaw further added.

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