Shoaib Malik doesn’t want to see Babar Azam as Pakistan’s captain

Shoaib Malik

Shoaib Malik does not want to see Babar Azam as Pakistan captain. He said, Babar should resign from the leadership. According to the former Pakistan captain, Pakistan needs batsman Babar a lot.

Shoaib advised Babar to leave the leadership and focus only on his own game. He said,

“If I was in Babar’s place, I would have given up the leadership. Those who advise Babur should also ask Babur to resign as leader. He should just focus on his own game. Even so, the Pakistan team will benefit.”

According to Shoaib, Pakistan’s cricket culture does not understand anything except results. His advice is for the good of Babur. In an interview, the former Pakistan captain said,

“I think Babar needs to become more mature as a captain. He needs enough time. But we live in a cricket culture where overnight results are expected. So those who advise Babur, advise him to resign as leader. Then Babar can break many records. If he leaves the leadership, he will only have to take pressure on his own game.”

Shoaib Malik feels that fans amalgamate the skipper and batter Babar Azam

Shoaib feels that common cricket lovers see captain and batsman Babar as one. It does not give a proper assessment of Babar as a cricketer. Shoaib said in an interview,

“I want to mention one thing. We usually mix Babar’s batting performance and leadership. We shouldn’t do that. Two completely different things. We usually start talking about Babar when the team loses. Batter Babar’s performance was dragged along with the team’s failure. We should not see it that way. Cricket is a team sport. There was a time when only one person could win a match. Times have changed now. Now success is not easy without team effort.”

Shoaib feels batsman Babar’s performance would have been much better without the pressure of leadership. Babar can be in a very light mood. It will benefit the national team of Pakistan.

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