Shubman Gill trying to make full use of his opportunities

Shubman Gill - Kolkata Knight Riders - KKR

India opener Shubman Gill has been in very good form for India ever since IPL 2022.

He has been scoring runs at a great pace and is always looking to play long innings for India.

Gill is also trying his best to make the most of the given opportunities and wants to score runs consistently.

Currently, India are on a tour of New Zealand where rain has played spoilsport in almost all the T20Is and ODIs.

The last ODI between the two nations is tomorrow and Gill is excited for the same.

Speaking after the second game, Gill said,

It’s slightly frustrating. When the overs were getting reduced, it got quite irritating to be constantly going in and out of the field, unsure of how many overs would we get to play. It made our planning difficult.

Gill also somewhat advocated playing cricket in indoor stadiums.

It is one decision that has to be taken by the boards. As a player and as fan, it’s very irritating to go in and out and have so many games getting affected by rain. I don’t know how I can make a difference or take a stand for it; it’s a big decision. Playing indoors would be difficult, but having closed roofs would be good.

When asked whether he’s considering becoming India’s all-time opener in ODIs, Gill said,

I’m not looking so far ahead; I’m trying to make the most of the opportunity I get, score big and make some big contributions for the team. Even in the last game, the way I was playing, the intention was to play a long innings. Even in the team meetings, the talk was about batting long, about the set batter ensuring that he finishes the innings. It also makes it easier for the other batters to come in and score.

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