Shubman looses his cool on Pujara while taking singles


Cheteshwar Pujara and Shubman Gill clashed while taking short runs. The incident happened in the 33rd over of the Indian innings on Saturday. They got into an argument in the field due to a misunderstanding.

Mitchell Starc’s ball was just outside the wicket. Pujara hits a cover drive. The ball goes past Travis Head towards the boundary. Pujara thought it would be four. So he took the first retail run at a slightly slower pace. However, Shubman, who was at the other end of the wicket, ran at a normal pace and completed the first run before Pujara. After the end of the first run, Pujara realizes there will be no four. He then picked up the pace to take the second short run.

On the other side, seeing Pujara running slowly, Shubman slowed down. After the end of the second run, Pujara started running to take the third run. But he stood a little forward. Seeing that Pujara had come out of the crease a little, Shubman also started running. He reached almost mid-wicket. At that moment, Head caught the ball and threw it towards the wicket. As the possibility of a run out arose, Pujara shouted and waved his hands to stop Shubaman from taking the run. In the end Pujara had to be satisfied with 2 runs.

In the beginning, Shubman was unhappy because Pujara could not take the right decision. After the ball went dead, the two batters talked for a while about the misunderstanding. At this time Shubman looks a bit excited. Australia scored 480 runs on an easy wicket in the first innings. Losing wickets due to misunderstandings in this situation means putting pressure on the team. That’s probably what the young teammate was trying to convey to the senior batter.

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