Shukla defends ICC’s role amid claims of political interference in WC venues

Men's ODI world cup

The BCCI has faced criticism for not including certain prominent Indian venues in the schedule for the 2023 World Cup. Punjab Sports Minister Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer and also, Abhilash Khandekar, president of the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association, expressed their disappointment over the omission.

In response, BCCI vice president Rajeev Shukla addressed the concerns. And clarified the reasons behind the decision. He explained that Mohali Stadium did not meet the required standards set by the ICC. Which led to its exclusion from the World Cup schedule. However, Shukla assured that the venue would still be allocated bilateral matches to ensure it receives international fixtures.

Shukla emphasized the importance of the ICC’s consent in the venue selection process and stated that the BCCI aims to distribute international matches fairly across various centers. Furthermore, the board does not want any center to be deprived of hosting international cricket matches.

“The current stadium in Mohali did not meet the standards of ICC and hence was denied matches. Bilateral series matches will be given to them, it is based on a rotational system. ICC’s consent is important in finalising the venues. We always try to give matches to remote stadiums. In Trivandrum, warm-up matches are going to happen, for the first time. Also, it is not that any centre/zone has been ignored. Hence, even in North East Zone, Guwahati got the matches. Therefore, a lot of accommodation is done in the schedule,”

Shukla said.

Ahmedabad will host the final of World Cup 2023

Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Dharamsala. Hyderabad, Lucknow, and Pune are the host cities for the upcoming World Cup. Also, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad will host important matches, including the knockout rounds and the final.

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