Simon Doull says Arjun is like Trent Boult and Deepak Chahar

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Simon Doull says that Arjun Tendulkar is a bowler like Trent Boult and Deepak Chahar. He does well in the opening spell and cannot be used in the last four or five overs. He also stated that inexperience may be a reason for the failure in the death overs for Arjun. The former New Zealand cricketer has analyzed and shared more on the bowler Arjun Tendulkar. He made his debut against Kolkata Knight Riders where he bowled only 2 overs and did not pick any wicket.

Simon Doull said that

The last thing you want to do to a young man [Arjun Tendulkar] is throw him on the heap after one bad game because he has actually done a pretty good job. I don’t think in all honesty, and I think Rohit Sharma knows he is not really a death bowler as of yet. He is not a guy they should be bowling in the last four or five. But he went to him to give him an opportunity, and it cost them,” 

Simon Doull further added that

“I think he is more like Trent Boult and Deepak Chahar, who bowl two to three overs upfront where it swings a little bit, and then you forget about it. He is not experienced enough at the moment to be bowling at the back end of the innings,” said Simon Doull

The Mumbai franchise is known to back the youngsters a lot has done the same with him. Even after, leaking away 31 runs in an over they did not make him to sit on the bench.

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