Siraj Reports Gambler’s Approach for Inside Information to BCCI


The ongoing Indian Premier League season 16 has brought with it a surge in reports of betting across the country. Mohammed Siraj was recently approached by a gambler from Hyderabad who sought to recover his losses through betting. The person, who worked as a driver, asked for insider information on Team India before their tour to Australia.

Siraj reported the matter to the Board of Control for Cricket in India’s (BCCI) Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) before the tour began. Upon receiving the information, the ACU, in collaboration with the cyber police, apprehended the culprit. The individual contacted Siraj for assistance in making money through betting.

“It wasn’t a bookie who approached Siraj. It is a driver from Hyderabad. He had lost huge money and approached Siraj for inside information. Siraj reported the approach immediately. Hence, the law enforcement authorities have nabbed the man. More details are being awaited,”

a senior BCCI source further said.

BCCI strengthened ACU unit after 2013 spot-fixing scandal

Following the spot-fixing scandal that took place during the 2013 IPL season, BCCI has taken strict measures to reinforce its Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU). Teams now have a dedicated ACU official who monitors all activities. Players must attend mandatory ACU workshops. They learn the consequences of not reporting any approach by bookies or gamblers. Furthermore, they are explained the DOs and DON’Ts.

The strict measures taken by BCCI serve as a deterrent to players who may be approached by bookies or gamblers. As a result of failing to report such approaches can result in heavy sanctions. In 2019, the International Cricket Council’s ACU banned Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan for a year from all forms of cricket. Shakib failed to report an approach by a bookie during his IPL stint in 2018 and during the Tri-Series in Zimbabwe in the same year.

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