Snehasis Ganguly wants Gujarat Stadium to follow Eden Gardens’ system

Narendra Modi Stadium

Snehasis Ganguly wants the Gujarat Cricket Association to follow Eden Gardens’ rain management system. In Eden Gardens, Kolkata, they cover all the parts of the ground. However, in most parts of the area still, they cover the center pitches of the ground only. The CAB president hopes that this thing will come to a solution before the World Cup starts in India.

Snehasis Ganguly on Gujarat Cricket Association

“The delay was because the side wickets got wet. It’s a new stadium, and I’m sure it will be rectified in due course. It’s not a big issue. If they cover the full ground, there won’t be this issue anymore. It’s a learning process. You are learning every day. I am pretty sure they will have it before the World Cup. Like Eden Gardens, if GCA has a provision for this (full cover), they will overcome this problem. They have got all the facilities,” Snehasis Ganguly told PTI.

He further added that

“It cost them around Rs 80 lakh about two years ago when they got it replaced with a fresh set. It’s just a matter of two months’ time, and it would be in place if they decide on it. It will give them double protection,” Snehasis Ganguly said

In England, where rain is always a visitor during the match times they use Hover Cover. They use a hover cover instead of a normal plastic cover. Snehasis Ganguly also added that it cost around 80 lakhs at that to replace it. It also needed two months.

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