Sohail Khan talks about Virat Kohli’s ‘iconic six’ in the World Cup


Virat Kohli’s iconic six against Haris Rauf during the match against Pakistan in the World Cup has been a talking point. Former Pakistan fast bowler Sohail Khan has his opinion about ‘that’ Kohli shot. 

India needed 28 runs off 8 balls when Virat Kohli hit Rauf’s back of the length delivery for a massive six at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The bowler panicked after the six and thus bowled Kohli on the pads where he nonchalantly flicked it through fine leg. 

Sohail Khan while talking on the Nadir Ali podcast said that Kohli made room for himself on a back of length delivery bowled by Haris Rauf. Sohai feels that Kohli’s fitness and quick hands made the shot possible. 

Sohail Khan says

“I guess that was off Shaheen Afridi. See, bowlers get hit for sixes all the time. He made some room and hit it straight. Kuch bhi nahi tha (there was nothing in it). Haris bowled at hard length hoping he will stuff up Kohli but he is a great batter; he was quick and fit. He got back, gave himself room and hit it for a straight six,” Sohail said on the Nadir Ali podcast.

“Only 2 shots were possible on that ball. He could have either slashed it over covers or play it off the middle of the bat which he did. Achhi ball be achhi shot (A good shot off a good ball). You cannot blame the bowler. This is what happens. Haris Rauf is a solid bowler. In this team, Haris, Naseem, and Shaheen are the big three of Pakistan’s bowling. If this trio continues, Pakistan will be unstoppable.”

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