Sonnet Club in stake; Rishabh Pant keeping eye on it

Rishabh Pant

The Sonnet club is from which cricketers like Rishabh Pant, Ashish Nehra, Akash Chopra have emerged. However, i instructions came to vacate the camp. Sonnet Cricket Club in South Delhi is under Sri Benkteswara College. The college ordered to vacate that cricket club. The coach of that club called Pant. Pant also tweeted in protest. But still no solution.

Devendra Sharma called Pant last Sunday for the situation of Sonnet Club. He is the coach of Sonnet Club. He has also coached Pant in the later’s early days. However, Sunday’s phone call was not between a teacher and a student. Devendra, who is at the National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru, informed Pant about the club’s closure. Devendra said,

“I informed Pant about the club’s situation. He is not very happy after hearing all this. Pant is trying. Before the car accident, Panth spoke to the principal of the college. Since then he has been keeping an eye on the club’s situation.”

Calls from Rishabh Pant regarding Sonnet Club issue has been ignored by the authorities

Tarak Sinha created Sonnet Club. Devendra took over after his death in 2021. After learning everything from him, Panth tweeted,

“My club has produced several international cricketers. Sad to see that club got an eviction notice. This club played a big role in building my career. The club is like home to all of us.”

The Sonnet Club has been with the college for the past 20 years. The college team was taught cricket free of charge. That’s why many people get admission in that college. In such a situation, many cricketers are in fear because of the order to vacate the club. They will lose the place to practice. The cricketers are worried because of such a decision in the middle of the season.

A helpless Devendra from the club said,

“April 30 was our last day. It has been informed by the authorities. We have nowhere to go now. I still don’t know the reason. No one told me the reason. If more rent is required, we can arrange it. But this place is everything to us. We build this field, teach the game to college students free of charge. Many who are financially backward, do not pay fees. At least 100 cricketers will not find the net during the season. DDCA T20 League is ongoing. Challenger Trophy will begin. Where will the boys practice?”

Sonnet Club is part of Delhi Cricket Association. The head of that organization is Rohan Jaitley. Devendra wants to contact him. Apart from the coach’s complaint, no former cricketer came forward to help him. Pant called the principal of the college but he did not pick up.

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