Sourav Ganguly has plans after he exits BCCI

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With the BCCI almost at the point of reshuffling, outgoing president Sourav Ganguly has made it clear that he has other plans after his exit from the board.

Speaking at a Bandhan Bank event, Ganguly said many great and interesting things to the audience present.

Although he wanted to continue as the head of the board, Ganguly didn’t receive the proper backing from other members.

Roger Binny is all set to be Ganguly’s successor in a few days’ time.

Apart from this, Ganguly is also going to issue an official statement when he leaves the BCCI.

Binny is most likely going to be president unopposed.

Jay Shah will continue to remain the secretary and some other changes will also take place in the top brass of the BCCI.

Speaking at the event, Ganguly said,

I have been an administrator and I will move on to something else. Whatever you do in life the best days are when you played for India. I have been president of BCCI and I will go on to do bigger things. You can’t be a player forever, you can’t be an administrator forever. It’s been great doing both.

Adding further, he said,

You don’t become an Ambani or Narendra Modi in one day. You have to work for months and years to get there.

Ganguly also shared his experiences as captain of the Indian team.

It was six captains leading the team. I stood up for Rahul when he was almost dropped from the one day side. I took their suggestions in picking the team. These things don’t go unnoticed in a team environment.

Finally ending, he said,

It’s not just the runs I scored. People remember other things. It’s what you do as a leader for them.

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