Spin haunts Indians as always; got trapped into Lyon and Murphy Webs


Australia’s batsmen are struggling in front of spin when they come to play in India. Rohit Sharma is winning Tests one after another under the influence of Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Akshar Patel. But is it only the Australian batsmen who are in trouble? The same is the case with the Indian batters. Rohit Sharma is surrendering again and again in front of Australian spinners.

Australia has played three main spinners in the current series. Experienced Nathan Lyon alongside youngsters Todd Murphy and Matthew Kuneman. The latter two have made their debut in the current series. But they seem to have the experience of playing 100 Tests. The mentality of the Indian batters is much more than their achievements. Rohit, Shreyas are dying in the labyrinth of the vortex. So Aussie spinners are bowling with more confidence.

How the Indian batsmen have succumbed to Australia’s three spinners is evident from one statistic. India played an innings in the first Test at Nagpur. The spinners took 8 out of 10 wickets in that innings. India lost 14 wickets in two innings in the second Test in Delhi. Aussie spinners took 9 of India’s 10 wickets in the first innings. They took 3 out of 4 wickets in the second innings.

Spin trapped 7 Indian wickets in the first hour at Indore

The same picture is seen in the third Test at Indore. India lost 7 wickets in the first hour of the first day. All of them are occupied by spinners. In other words, the spinners have taken 27 wickets out of the 31 wickets India have taken so far. Murphy and Lyon have taken the most wickets among Australian spinners. Both of them took 11 wickets. Left-arm spinner Kuneman took 5 wickets.

Indian batsmen are having so much trouble playing spin that Australia fielded only 1 pacer in the second Test in Delhi. The main strength of the team is strong bowling, the team is also relying on the spinners. And it is working. Indian batters are not using their legs. The front foot is going to play the ball on the back foot. Don’t understand spin. Rohit is giving wickets. Aussie spinners are showing dominance on Indian soil as a result of their helpless batting.

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