Steve Smith finding his earlier mojo back in Tests

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Australia’s swashbuckling batter Steve Smith has finally found some form back in the Test series against the West Indies.

Just a slight change in footwork and Smith is looking as good as new in Tests.

In the first Test against the Windies, Smith looked definitely in touch and played well alongside Marnus Labuschagne.

Both of them decimated the bowling of the West Indies and stood for a long time at the crease.

Labuschagne has also made a century in today’s match against the Windies.

While Smith had a gala time in the ODI series against England, he looked much happier playing in Perth.

Smith also had everything tailor-made for him in today’s match.

Although the West Indies tried their best to outwit Smith with their deliveries, they got outwitted themselves by the latter’s ‘new’ batting technique.

Earlier, Smith was making quite a name for himself just like Sir Donald Bradman until his disgrace in 2018.

This emotional let-down led to the rise of Marnus Labuschagne quickly up the ladder.

But now Smith back in the mix of things, both of them looked stellar against the West Indies today.

While the Windies’ bowlers pitched the ball a little short, as is usually the case in Perth, both Labuschagne and Smith looked in complete control of the game.

While Labuschagne looked comfortable with this, Smith suddenly rediscovered all the areas where the bowlers couldn’t place the ball.

These signs are a good one for Australia as they have a long Test schedule ahead of them that starts in Australia and ends in England.

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