Steve Smith talks about the rivalry between Virat Kohli and him


Steve Smith is the modern-day test legend and has been supreme for Australia since 2014. Similarly, Virat Kohli has been the superstar for India carrying the batting lineup for almost a decade. 

There has been a constant comparison between the two modern greats. While Kohli is a superior white ball batter, Smith is a better test match batsman. 

Smith said that there is no competition between him and Kohli as such. He said that both the batters try and do their best for the team.

Steve Smith speaks about the rivalry

“No, I don’t think so. I’m not sure whether he thinks there is or not. I’m not entirely sure that I certainly feel like. We just go out and play the game and try and do the best for our team. Yeah, hopefully, score some runs along the way to help us have success. That’s the main goal for me. I don’t feel like I’m batting against anyone or anything like that and trying to compare myself to any other batters. I just wanna go out there and do my job and hopefully help the team have success,” Smith said for Hindustan Times online.

Steve Smith talks about Kohli’s strengths

“I think the way he’s able to take the bowlers on, really put them under pressure. I think that’s a huge strength of his. He scored runs all around the world. His ability is to score both sides of the wicket. He’s patient when he needs to be and he’s been an amazing player for a very long time in all formats of the game. So, hopefully for us, this series, he doesn’t score too many. But you know, when he gets going, he is one of the best batters to watch in the world,” said Smith.

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