Stokes Optimistic about Bowling Return After Successful Knee Recovery

Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes, the England captain, holds no worries about his ability to bowl in the upcoming Ashes series against Australia, set to take place from June 16 to July 31. He encountered knee issues during his recent participation in the 2023 Indian Premier League (IPL) and England’s tour of New Zealand in February.

Despite playing only two matches for IPL champions Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Stokes remains confident that he can make a significant impact in the Ashes and eagerly anticipates the upcoming one-off Test against Ireland at Lord’s. The 31-year-old asserts that his knee has significantly improved compared to the New Zealand series, emphasizing that despite spending the past ten weeks in India for the IPL, he has placed himself in a situation where he neither regrets nor believes he hasn’t given himself the best opportunity to play.

“Yeah, look the knee is in much better place than it was in Wellington. I’ve been in India for the IPL over the last nine to 10 weeks. But what I have done is get myself into a position where I am not able to look back. And regret or say I have not given myself the best opportunity to play a full role with the ball this summer,”

Stokes said.

Definitely given myself the best opportunity, but the mind and body are different things: Stokes

“I have worked incredibly hard with the medical team in Chennai, who were liaising with the ECB guys and got myself into a place where I feel like I am back in a 2019, 2020 space in terms of my own body and fitness. I have definitely given myself the best opportunity, but the mind and body are different things. But yeah, I have given myself the best chance,”

Stokes futher added.

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