Sune Luus wants more expansion for T20 franchise cricket for women

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South Africa’s all-rounder Sune Luus recently stated that she wants more expansion of T20 franchise cricket for women.

Men already play in a lot of T20 franchise cricket all over the world.

But the same is not true for women. They have very limited T20 leagues to showcase their talent.

Luus feels that India has a lot of potential and they are emerging quite the leaders in T20 franchise cricket.

She even said that any Indian player can easily get into the South African side as well.

Luus was a part of the Fairbreak Invitational T20 tournament as well as the Women’s T20 Challenge last month.

She helped Supernovas win the tournament by devising a very good fielding strategy.

Luus also said that if the number of T20 franchises increases for women, then players will get to experience different conditions and players.

She also said that the Women’s T20 Challenge is much better compared to Fairbreak as people in India are cricket fanatics and just love the game.

Currently, South Africa women are engaged in a series with Ireland women after which they will play against England.

South Africa will also compete in the Commonwealth Games as well.

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