Sunil Gavaskar warns Gill and Kishan about being over-confident

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India great, Sunil Gavaskar has recently written a column in a newspaper where he praised India’s youngsters.

In the article, Gavaskar has talked mostly on the topic of Ishan Kishan and Shubman Gill.

Both these batters are now in the elite 200-run club after scoring double tons against Bangladesh and New Zealand respectively.

Both of them are great buddies on and off the field but both will not miss the chance of playing alongside Rohit.

Apart from these two, only three other Indian players have reached the 200-run mark.

Both Gill and Kishan are natural openers so the team management will have a huge issue in front of them.

The competition between Gill and Kishan is a bit fierce at the moment

Kishan had to forcefully miss out on the ODI series against Sri Lanka because the team management preferred Gill over him.

However, things can change rapidly in the sport of cricket.

Meanwhile, Gavaskar has stated that both these openers are in the prime years of their careers.

He has also asked both of them to refrain from being overly confident of themselves now that they are double centurions.

In the past, there are several cricketers who despite having a bright beginning, faded into oblivion.

Some such cricketers are Rajesh Chauhan, Karun Nair, Laxmipathy Balaji, and SS Das.

Gavaskar doesn’t want Ishan Kishan and Gill to join this unfortunate list just by being overly confident.

He writes,

In the last one month or so, there have been two double centuries cracked by Indian batsmen in one-day internationals. Both were magnificient innings by young men brimming with confidence and with a huge future ahead of them. They are in their early 20s, so what they make of the future is entirely up to them. Will they keep their head and feet on the ground after these stupendous knocks or are they just going to get carried away so much that they think that all they have to do is to just turn up at the crease and the runs will flow by automatically.

Gavaskar says today’s youngsters are super confident in themselves

Meanwhile, Gavaskar has also stated that India’s youngsters are super confident in themselves.

The cushion of an IPL contract is always there to save these young players.

That’s why if Gill or Kishan fail at the international level, they have the IPL to fall back on where their mighty performances will erase their past failures.

Today’s youngsters are super confident, and that’s a wonderful thing. The worry of being dropped from the national team doesn’t enter their minds as they have the cushion of an IPL contract. Therefore, failure doesn’t scare them and they can go out and play what is popularly known as fearless cricket when it is actually worry-free cricket. When being dropped from the national team is not a worry then a player can go out and play bindaas cricket for there’s always the IPL with its minimum 14 matches in which to make people forget the international failures.

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