Suryakumar Yadav candidly tells about his mastery of the scoop shot

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India’s shining star with the bat, Suryakumar Yadav played a jaw-dropping innings yesterday against Zimbabwe.

He hit massive boundaries that left everyone from Sunil Gavaskar to Wasim Akram shell-shocked.

Gavaskar now calls Suryakumar a ‘Mr 360 cricketer’ while Akram says that SKY is from a different planet altogether.

When asked how he is such a master of the scoop shot, SKY replied,

I have practiced that stroke a lot when I used to play rubber-ball cricket.

Surya also received the Man of the Match for his brilliant knock of 61 from 25 balls. This is also SKY’s fourth-fastest fifty in T20I history.

Adding more on his scoop shot, Surya said,

You got to understand what the bowler is going to bowl at that time, which is a little pre-determined at that moment.

SKY also said,

You got to know how long the boundary behind is. When I stand there, I feel it’s just 60-65 metres and with the pace of the ball I just try and time it, take it on the sweet spot of the bat and if it hits, it just goes out there.

Suryakumar also talked about how batting with Virat Kohli is a challenge in itself because a batter needs to run hard when putting the ball in the gaps.

SKY is also the second player after Pakistan’s Mohammad Rizwan to score 1000 runs in a calendar year.

India’s next challenge is to go past Jos Buttler’s England on the 10th at the Adelaide Oval to secure a place in the finals.

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