Sushma Verma clears the air on Sanju Samson-Rishabh Pant debate

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Senior India women’s wicketkeeper-batter, Sushma Verma has recently cleared some air on the Samson-Pant debate.

According to Verma, a wicketkeeper’s position in the team depends on a number of factors such as the opposition, conditions, and what skills a certain keeper possesses.

Verma is part of India women’s squad for the tri-nation series against West Indies and South Africa this month.

She is now 30 but has been overlooked for quite some time from the national squad because of the presence of young keeper-batters in the team.

Additionally, Verma last played in India colors back in 2016 in the shortest format of the game.

Moreover, she has also said that it depends on the team who opt for different personnel according to the tactical requirements and balance of the side.

Verma has also stated that some days the team needs power-hitting and they keep Pant in the squad and when they want to steady the ship they rely on Samson.

Says Verma,

I feel for wicketkeepers (to play) in general, it all depends on the kind of support staff they have in addition to what the team management and captain wanted. It also depends on the opponent, conditions, and what skill you are backing. There could be days when you need Rishabh Pant or maybe in some other match, he’s not needed. So it depends on what the requirement actually is.

Verma feels that this debate is all hype outside and not among the players

Verma says that such debates are just public speculations and players usually don’t pay any heed to such outside talk.

She also says that players are aware of their requirements and availability and they know that their place in the squad is not always permanent.

Verma also advises that players should focus on leveling up their game instead of complaining.

As a player, I feel this hype is more from the outside rather than among the players. They understand that not everything will work out in their favor. Even in my case, I used to feel wicketkeeping is something that is being ignored. But it all boils down to the reason. Maybe a certain wicketkeeper playing ahead of me because of being a better batter. So why don’t I level up as well?

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