Synovatic Technologies Pvt Ltd Completes 4 years in Sports MediaTech Industry

Synovatic 4-years

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that our parent company, Synovatic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is going to complete four years on the 7th of June. Therefore, there are some of the accomplishments of our Sports MediaTech company that we have accomplished so far in our 4-year journey.

At Synovatic Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we are striving to make ourselves a giant in sports technology. We currently have five products under our aegis which are Football Express, Football Express UK, Six Sports, Six Sports UK, and Crickdom.

All our five websites are doing well along with the parent company, Synovatic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We are based in both Pune and Latur where we have our corporate and registered offices respectively. Over the course of four years, we have been able to grow well, thanks to the constant love and support of our fans and readers.

Our fans and readers have been very passionate about sports just like us. That’s why we are trying our very best so that our fans and readers get fresh news stories. Let’s now talk about the different products that we have brought for our readers.



Our first product is Football Express India through which we keep our football fans updated on each and everything from Indian to international football matches and news. We also do match previews of every small and big football leagues, not only of India but also of the world. We have a special team of Indian Football writers who write good football pieces without diluting any facts. This website is functional for three years now and we have written thousands of interesting news pieces.


This is the international arm of Football Express India. Through this website, we are trying to gain fans in the United Kingdom who also are avid football fans. This website is specifically aimed at English football and is covering topics like UEFA Champions League, Premier League, and other leagues as well. This is a recent addition to our product list. We hope that we gain immense popularity in the Western countries as well.


Our third product is Six Sports. This is a multi-sports website wherein we cover all sorts of sports. This website is operational for the past two years. We believe that the world of sports is ever-changing and that’s why we are trying to give the best news from different sports to our fans and readers. We cover cricket, football, the Olympics, hockey, etc. on this website. This website is very popular in India with our fans and readers.


This is once again the international arm of Six Sports India. On this website, we are covering cricket and football through which our fans in the UK can enjoy all the latest stories from their favorite sports. This will again be a website specifically for our readers in the UK and will cater to their tastes. Through this website, we hope that we gain immense popularity in the UK as well.


Lastly, we have Crickdom which we have created specifically for the enjoyment of our cricket fans and readers. On this website, we are covering men’s and women’s cricket, national and international cricket, domestic cricket, IPL, and other international leagues. This website is functional since last year and already it is very popular with our fans and readers. Cricket has become advanced and dynamic nowadays. That’s why to blend in with this current mindset, Crickdom was launched by us. Our team of dedicated writers works round the clock to bring the best and undiluted news stories. We also do match previews which keep our fans and readers informed of the various series happening in India and around the world as well.


So, these were some of the products that we have developed over the course of four years. We believe that with all the constant love and support pouring in for us from our fans and readers, we will be able to go many notches higher from our current position. Over the course of these four years, we have learned a lot and have developed ourselves as well.

We would now like to continue this journey in the same way as we are doing right now. All we want is the support of our fans and readers in this journey. We also are a very team-driven company. We believe that taking everyone together as a team can work wonders for any company. Also, we like to keep our fans and readers very close to us and not let go of them at any point in time.

And lastly, we would like to share a message from our founder, Mr. Apurv Dhumal.

Over the course of four years, we have been able to grow well, thanks to the constant love and support of our fans and readers. Our fans and readers have been very passionate about sports, just like us, and we are constantly striving to do our very best for them.

He adds, “We are striving to create an environment where we and our fans and readers ae on equal footing with each other and are never left behind. All five of these products cater to the tastes of our fans and readers every day by bringing them the latest information. And we will continue on this path for years to come and will constantly strive to be the very best versions of ourselves day in and day out.

Once again, we want to thank you all for being a part of Synovatic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and enjoying all of our sports products. We express our heartfelt gratitude towards each one of you and continue on the path that we’ve built over the course of four years.

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