T10 cricket has eyes on the Summer Olympics

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The Abu Dhabi T10 league is attracting a lot of eyeballs to the newest format in cricket.

The sixth edition of the tournament has been quite a success among the fans.

Shaji Ul Mulk is the brainchild behind T10 cricket.

Plans are already underway to start a league in Africa and Asia and also for further expansion.

Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka are the focal points for starting a T10 league in Africa and Asia respectively.

Says Kwame Asare of the African Cricket Association,

This is a very unique time for African nations, and when we think of how we are going to be part of this, to grow the game, we are very excited.

Adding further, he says,

For us in Africa, the franchises coming here would open up the doorway for all of us to grow much better. In a few years, with the help of this partnership, we should be able to compete with the big guys. The most important thing is to give the youngsters a chance to play at the highest levels, with their icons.

Dr. Tevengwa Mukuhlani, Chairman of Zimbabwe Cricket, says,

This is a new brand of cricket that is coming to the continent of Africa and the country of Zimbabwe. All the sportspersons and stakeholders, men and women have embraced this format and we want this movement to grow from here.

In this year’s T10 tournament, two new teams graced the franchise list which were from the USA.

The first of these was New York Strikers and the second was Morrisville SAMP Army.

The main objective of T10 cricket is to reach out to the newer generation of the audience and to excite interest in the sport.

Along with this, they are also planning to include themselves in the Summer Olympics which is considered the pinnacle of sporting events.

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