T20 World Cup 2024: Experienced trio boosts Italy’s chances

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Italy is set to compete in July’s seven-team T20 World Cup Europe Qualifier in Scotland. They’ll look to grab one of two available spots in the tournament. The team is led by captain-coach Gareth Berg and his assistant Kevin O’Brien. Despite being ranked 32nd in the world in T20Is, they have made efforts toward building a team. They are running regular weekend training camps in Milan, Bologna, and Rome.

Italy’s bid to qualify for the 2024 men’s T20 World Cup will be boosted by the inclusion of three experienced players. These players include breakout stars Spencer Johnson, Wayne Madsen, and Ben Manenti. So, the decision to include these players was made after months of discussions led by Berg.


The Europe Qualifier will be held in Edinburgh from July 20-28, in a round-robin format. Seven teams are involved, including Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, and Scotland. England and the Netherlands have already qualified for the tournament. However, the hosts and Ireland are currently the clear favorites to qualify for the marquee T20 tournament.

Berg said:

“It’s not like we’re throwing cash at them or anything like that. They are coming to play for the love of the blue blood and are coming to play for the Azzurri. As soon as I mention it, they’re straight on board with it and willing to help out. Yes, we have pros available, but we also have our local players that are pushing for spots. It’s heartwarming for me and the guys working with me that these guys are pushing themselves really hard.”

In 2012, Berg began playing for Italy despite being a South African-born allrounder with extensive county career experience in Middlesex, Hampshire, and Northants. Over the last three years, he actively participated in Italian cricket, first as captain, and later as playing head coach. During this time, Berg became heavily involved in the development and growth of the Italian cricket team. Despite his background, Berg has made significant contributions to the Italian cricket team’s success in recent years.

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