Tim Paine criticises Ben Stokes for his U-turn on retirement

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Tim Paine said that it wasn’t really a case of changing his mind. He was always interested in coming back. 

Tim Paine on Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes coming out of one day retirement, I found that interesting. It was a bit of, ‘Me, me, me’, there isn’t it? It was, ‘I’ll pick and I’ll choose where I want to play and when I want to play’, and, ‘I’ll play in the big tournaments’.” Tim Paine said

The former Australian captain further said that

“The guys who played for 12 months, ‘Sorry, thanks. But can you go and sit on the bench because I want to play now?’”. Tim Paine added.

“It wasn’t really a case of changing his mind. He was always interested in coming back. He had to make that priority of getting through the Ashes, have a break and give the body a rest.

“It wasn’t a case of needing to beg him or anything like that, he was always keen, so it was actually fairly straightforward. Once his body was in a good place and he’d had a rest, he was really keen to play. We’re delighted from our point of view. I’m sure England fans and everyone can be absolutely delighted,”

Wright on Harry Brook missing out of squad said that

“This is the squad we’re going to put forward. It’s incredibly tough but in that middle order, with Stokes coming back as a batter, it does squeeze someone out,” he admitted.

It seems like Wright also agrees with the words of Tim Paine

“There’s no denying what a superstar Brooky is, and what a huge future he’s got with us going forward in all formats. That’s the incredibly tough decision we had to make. Unfortunately in a 15-man squad someone’s going to have to miss out, and on this occasion it’s been him.”

Furthermore, there were reports that Jofra Archer might be part of the squad for the second half of tournament.

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