Various decisions taken at BCCI’s Apex Council Meeting


The BCCI has taken several key decisions in their recently concluded Apex Council Meeting.

In fact, the meeting was completely opposite from what the people were speculating about.

The BCCI did not review India’s senior men’s team performance in the T20 World Cup.

They have instead left the decision to the new selection committee who is going to take charge soon.

When the new selection committee takes charge, the BCCI will leave everything to them to discuss the future of Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid in white-ball cricket.

The next discussion that took place in the meeting was on the topic of jersey sponsors.

Right now, India’s jerseys have two sponsors in Byju’s and MPL Sports. Byju’s is going to continue their sponsorship till March 2023.

However, MPL Sports is going to relinquish its contract to the fashion brand KKCL.

Thirdly, Hardik Pandya will get a massive promotion in the central contracts list.

He is going to be placed in Group A along with Suryakumar Yadav for their excellent performances recently.

Shubman Gill can also see a quick promotion in the contracts list.

Currently, Pandya is part of the Group C players in the contracts list.

Furthermore, players who are playing all three formats of cricket for India will be put in the A+ category while players who are a part of only white-ball squads will be featuring in the A category.

On the other hand, players in Test or white-ball cricket will be given the B category in the contracts list.

And finally, the emerging players will find themselves in the C category in BCCI’s new list.

Other decisions taken by the BCCI at Apex Council Meeting

Apart from the major decisions, BCCI has decided to reward V Jayadevan with a one-time payment for his rain-rule formula invention.

The BCCI has been using this formula for over a decade now in the domestic circuit and the secretary has been given the responsibility of doing the honors.

Additionally, a three-member sub-committee has been formed by the BCCI to take care of the infrastructural development of the multiple venues in India.

Ashish Shelar and Devojit Saikia are reported to be a part of this committee.

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